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Lectures on fire safety to build a safe life

Author:Source: Date:2017/10/18 7:13:52

In order to effectively implement the fire safety work, improve the company's staff awareness of fire safety, on October 17, Guangdong yingchao technology held a fire safety knowledge lecture.

In the course of the lecture, the lecturer with the help of slides, take several serious fire accidents as an example, vividly tells the painful lessons of the fire.  He combined with years of work experience, from the fire prevention, fire fighting, fire alarm, fire self-help and escape, the use of commonly used fire equipment and other aspects were explained.  With the " lesson of blood" warning everyone should attach great importance to fire safety in work and life, not only to enhance the awareness of fire safety, but also to strengthen the training of fire fighting skills.

After listening to the lecture, we said that the fire safety knowledge lecture not only enhanced the fire safety awareness and the ability to respond to fire accidents, mastered the correct use of fire equipment and escape self-help methods, but also the importance of fire safety has a deeper understanding.