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Group activities: healthy ecological tour, happy farmyard

Author:Source: Date:2017/10/9 7:08:01

In the national day, mid - autumn festival, the company to thank all employees for their hard work, organize all staff healthy ecological tour, happy farmyard.

When colleagues into the ancient village, as if into the history of just visiting, think of the ancient tryst arises spontaneously, let a person feel the Yao nationality has a long history and the classical beauty of traditional culture, one thousand Yao village is located in the beautiful thyme Yao mountain, there are Wanfeng Wang and one thousand Yao village Wanfeng dynasty is a beautiful legend;  The surrounding mountains, streams running, peaks overlapping. Looking up, rows of neat rows of classical building houses throughout the hills, the ancient houses are green brick wall of build by laying bricks or stones, black tile roof, unique shape, very spectacular, looking down from the village, is expected to the feeling of wan feng small. ( PS: low - headed people put down their mobile phones, immersed in the beauty!  - no!  - no!  )

Everyone's mood is like being washed again, breathing the fresh air, a sigh in the heart in the bustling city should have such a beautiful scenery.