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Zhao musheng great love boundless enthusiastic public welfare

Author:Source: Date:2017/9/28 7:04:17

There is a kind of love without return, that is dedication;  There is a love without words, that is gratitude;  There is a kind of endless love, that is great love.  Love is the best emotion in the world, love is the most beautiful language of mankind.  Love is beautiful, enthusiastic public welfare is the most beautiful.  Zhao musheng, a " Chinese good man", is such a good man who is willing to give, grateful and enthusiastic about public welfare.

Zhao musheng was deeply influenced by the subtle influence of Confucian culture. Confucian benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith took root in Zhao musheng's heart.  " poor is the only good, up to the world".  Zhao musheng dedicated free of charge, fully support the growth of the best speech club, this support is more than ten years, at the same time, all the time to pay attention to its growth.

A society needs faith to guide its direction, and a city needs morality to warm its heart. Like Zhao musheng know gratitude, enthusiastic public welfare, willing to give, there are thousands of people in the country, they actually live in our side.  Their deeds are not necessarily so vigorous, they just with a kind heart, do what they think should be done.  They are the backbone of ordinary life with moral norms, to achieve their own value in life, they are known as " good man".  The so-called " good man" is a person who is dedicated to good and contributes to the country, society and others.  According to the philosopher Rousseau, " the good man is the first and then yourself, and the bad man is yourself and then all.  The bad man centers himself on everything, and the good man measures all his radii, guarding all his circles.  " we should vigorously promote good people like Zhao musheng, praise for good people, let good people become a beacon in our life, light up our cities and countryside, light up our way forward.