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Guangdong surplus super large-scale public job fair and employment service station unveiling ceremony

Author:Source: Date:2017/9/25 7:00:38

On the afternoon of September 21, 2017, the unveiling ceremony of Guangdong yingchao employment service station and the large-scale public welfare job fair for accurate poverty alleviation were ceremoniously held in shengping village, libu town.  Li weijie, vice chairman of the political consultative conference of Yangshan county; Zou Zhiqiang, deputy secretary and director of the working Committee of xiagang street office of Huangpu district, Guangzhou; qu guizong, head of the working group of Huangpu district in Yangshan county; Chen duyong, secretary of the party Committee of libou town; Cao Benin, mayor; and representatives of the poverty relief office of the county, the county bureau of human resources and social welfare, Guangdong yingchao group and various recruitment enterprises attended the opening ceremony.

During the period, Guangzhou Huangpu district xiagang street office donated 5 garbage removal vehicles to shengping village, helping shengping " new socialist countryside demonstration village" to create;  Guangdong yingchao group and libu town signed a " tripartite employment poverty alleviation strategic cooperation agreement".  Shengping village " Guangdong surplus super employment service station" officially put into use.

 The establishment of Guangdong yingchao employment service station is an important measure taken by xiagang subdistrict office in Huangpu district of Guangzhou to help libou town, and also marks a new step for our town to overcome poverty.  Through the service platform of Guangdong yingchao employment service station, Guangdong yingchao employment service station provides free vocational skills training for the majority of the villagers and employment guidance services delivered to the home, which solves the problem of " employment demand and no employment way" for the poor people with labor force in mountainous areas, makes the assumption of " one person employment, the whole family out of poverty" have a feasible way, effectively promotes the full implementation of precision assistance work in our town, and provides an important guarantee for the early realization of the goal of poverty alleviation