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Team activity: picking lychee in Guangzhou science city lychee garden

Author:Source: Date:2016/7/20 6:51:08

In early July, in order to strengthen the company's cultural construction, under the leadership of the company's organization and drive, surplus super company staff cheerfully to Guangzhou science city litchi orchard picking lychee!

Just in time for litchi mature, personally picked litchi share family and friends taste on the dragon boat festival, this feeling is completely different with the outside to buy litchi! And this sunny weather is a good time to pick lychee ( PS: this small plait ok, in this hot weather, the crowd is not soaked in water, don't want to walk.  )

With a heart full of expectation can harvest, believe that the thought of litchi drooling friends can experience this feeling.  If su Shi has a cloud: " day Cui litchi three hundred diligently as lingnan people", do you want to feel the feeling of picking their own food, follow small plait to experience it!