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In the first half of the year, GAC group's operating income reached 162.506 billion yuan

Author:Source: Date:2015/3/29 6:57:11

In the fortune magazine's 2017 top 500 list, GAC group was ranked 238th in the world's top 500 for five consecutive years, up 65 places from the previous year, a record high.

In the first half of the year, Guangzhou automobile group realized the production and sale of 970,300 vehicles and 963,500 vehicles respectively, up 30.78 % and 31.65 % respectively, higher than the industry average growth rate of about 26.14 % and 27.84 percentage points;  The operating income of GAC group and its joint ventures and associates was rmb162.506 billion, up 31.87 % year - on - year.  Sales volume growth rate ranked first among the six major domestic automobile groups, the market share rose to 7.22 %;  The production and sale of motorcycles were 462,500 and 472,100 respectively, up by 0.78 % and 4.99 % respectively.  In the first half of the year, the combined operating income of GAC group was 34.765 billion yuan, up 62.23 % year - on - year;  Net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 6.183 billion yuan, an increase of 55.29 % over the previous year, and the earnings per share were 0.96 yuan, an increase of 54.84 % over the previous year.

In the first half of this year, the total sales volume of GAC passenger cars reached 250,900 units, up 57.02 % year on year.  Chuanqi gs4 sales of more than 180000 vehicles, ranking second in the domestic SUV market.  Chuanqi brand sales of more than 1 million vehicles, creating a miracle of sales of Chinese brands.  The newly listed chuanqi gs8 continues to sell like hot cakes, the supply of which exceeds the demand, successfully breaking through the ceiling of 200,000 yuan price of Chinese brands and leading the Chinese brands upward.

Guangzhou automobile Honda and Guangzhou automobile Toyota sales grew steadily, the first half of the year-on-year sales increased by 17.26 % and 5.13 % respectively;  Gac Mitsubishi led by the blue Germany, sales rose 181.69 % year - on - year;  Gac fik's sales grew by 77.21 % in the first half of the year, with jeep compass, freelight and freestyle collectively driving three SUV models, among which compass firmly ranked among the top three SUV models sold in the compact joint venture.

On the whole, we can summarize the group's work in the first half of the year with the words " advance", " new" and " harmony": first, the pace of " advance" is more powerful, the group's comprehensive economic benefit evaluation index ranks in the forefront of the industry, the business sectors go hand in hand, and achieve the overall growth based on the improvement of quality and benefit;  Second, the kinetic energy of " new" is more sufficient, new technology, new products, new projects, new mechanism according to the plan to promote, " electric, networking, internationalization" made a new breakthrough, brand image new upgrade;  Three is the " and" atmosphere is more strong, the group unity and struggle, the achievement of condensed everyone's efforts and sweat.

Chairman of the board of directors speech - " wind long appropriate eye quantity.  " twenty years of precipitation let us stand higher, also see farther.  In the future, we will adhere to the concept of " creating first for GAC channel", insist on quality and benefit as the center, insist on independent innovation and joint venture cooperation, realize the transformation from manufacturing to creation, from speed to quality, from product to brand, on the new starting point to promote, catch up again, with ingenuity, carefully try our best to create value for consumers and employees, cooperation and investment partners, industry and the whole society.

Wish yingchao science and technology co., ltd and Guangzhou automobile group has maintained a good cooperative relationship!