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发展历程.jpg★ 2011: Guangdong yingchao technology co., ltd was established

★ 2015: passed the iso 9001 certification system, and won the honor contract and trustworthy unit of Guangdong province.

★ March 2016: trade union Committee established.

★ June 2016: awarded the unit of Guangdong province that respects the contract and keeps promise.

★ July 8, 2016: the company successfully landed in Guangzhou equity trading center.

★ December 2016: the company has obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise.

Yingchao became a supply chain management company in 2016

Supply chain management ( SCM )

The goal is to minimize the cost of the entire supply chain system and effectively organize suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, and distributors together to manufacture, transfer, distribute, and sell products under high-quality customer service conditions.

At present, the plan, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, return five basic content has been implemented.

Supply chain enterprise model is intensive economic agglomeration business

The company plans to become a leader in supply chain management within three years

Yingchao technology will continue to seek breakthrough, in line with the service in the solid customer base constantly explore new business opportunities, plans to enter the field of industrial automation, and strive to transform the traditional industry into a highly productive cost advantage of enterprises.  Yingchao technology will also enter the field of environmental protection, involved in energy contracts, waste gas, waste water and other projects transformation, material recovery and other industries.

Yingchao technology will continue to develop for domestic and foreign markets, promote industry progress, create wealth for society, create value for customers and provide opportunities for employees.  Try our best to build the first brand of supply chain management industry and high-tech industry in south China, famous enterprises in one hundred, yongshu industry.  The pace of progress will never stop, the concept of harmony and symbiosis will never waver, the scientific development will never change, the motivation and vitality of the struggle is endless, surplus is the practice of ...