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赵先生.jpgYou are the creator of yingchao career, is the wealth of yingchao, is the ultimate creator of yingchao goal.

We should all bear in mind that only hard work, struggle and hard work, can we obtain the right to generate in the market competition. When the sun is clear and the sun is clear, we will not lag behind our peers unless we do everything well and confidently.

Surplus super love money such as treasure, no matter come first, education level, age size, we provide the stage for employees to display their talents, for every employee to provide good development opportunities is that every employee can in surplus super this broad stage to realize their lofty career ideal, reflect their own life value and enjoy the fun of entrepreneurship, struggle, competition, struggle of life. As the employees of yingchao group, we have no distinction between high and low, no opinion of the position, only the spirit of co - operation, wind and rain, your work is an indispensable part of the effective operation of the company. Your high degree of loyalty, serious work, dedicated dedication, will be fair evaluation and affirmation here. At the same time, the company's solid development potential, the company's business diversification development strategy, the company is committed to become China's production enterprise supply chain distribution industry leader's strategy and people-oriented enterprise culture, will provide you with perfect self and realize the final career platform and development space.

Although all walks of life vary greatly, but one thing is certain and in all enterprises is of universal significance, that is, the professional spirit of practitioners, this spirit in addition to professional, professional ethics this basic requirement, but also contains the integration of personal values and team concepts. Unity is power, we need to treat achievements with humility, need to inclusive mind to love colleagues, need to love the spirit of loyalty to the enterprise, we attach importance to diversity but avoid confrontation, advocating freedom but more emphasis on law; We respect and safeguard the rights of individuals, but we must always take the overall situation as the priority, adhere to the overall idea of " company a chess game", in the edification of corporate culture to improve themselves, we hope that every employee can with a dynamic, development concept to confirm the value of the individual and require themselves to constantly surpass themselves.

New legends are waiting for you to write, new brilliance is waiting for you to cast. We should not only become a team full of ideals and passion, more important is to become the most unity, the most active, the most bear the spirit of the team, let us unite as one, sincere cooperation, with their own personality innovation and self - appreciation, for the construction of surplus and staff spirit community and community of interests and strive hard!

We sincerely hope that you will show your courage and talent on the broad stage of yingchao group to meet the new jump.

Chairman: Zhao musheng