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1.jpgGuangdong yingchao technology co., ltd was established in 2011 with a registered capital of 80 million yuan. the office address of the company is located at Qingnian road, Guangzhou economic and technological development zone.  Business scope covers logistics turnover equipment and materials, packaging materials hardware, labor insurance supplies, non-standard parts customization and other fields.  The company has a strong technical team, dedicated to providing professional services for customers, has applied for more than 10 patents of all kinds, business covers the pearl river delta, the company has more than 100 people of all kinds of talents, is a high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province.

With flexible management mechanism and continuous independent innovation, constantly expand the cause, expand the scale, has made remarkable achievements in many fields.  In 2015, under the research and deployment of the leading group of the company, the company successfully implemented the strategic transformation, entered the supply chain distribution field of industrial production enterprises, successfully provided labor services and auxiliary materials supply for jingdong logistics, Guangdong malt and other well-known enterprises, and successfully become Foshan dongyang auto parts, Foshan faw international logistics, Panasonic electronic materials, Shanghai sinotrans cold chain transport, Guangzhou saiwei packaging equipment, Guangzhou small cosmetic lamp, south China nippon international logistics and other qualified suppliers.  The iso 9001 certification system was adopted in 2015.  In 2016, Guangdong province won the contract and trustworthy unit.

On July 8, 2016, the company successfully landed in Guangzhou equity trading center, taking a solid step towards the normalization and capitalization of the company's development.

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In the fierce market competition, the company leaders attach great importance to the enterprise information construction.  Successively on-line and successful implementation of ERP, OA, enterprise websites and other information projects, the initial formation of the company's mis management cluster system.  The application of high-tech management means, can make the group through the network real-time control of the company's business situation, real-time grasp of customer service information, can ensure to provide customers with excellent pre - sale, sale, after-sale through-train service.