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      To forge ahead in surplus super group - 2018 new year's day messageTime is the scale of pioneer's advance,Is the testimony of the striver to build a dream.Time flies,With a flick of his finger,Surplus super

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      In order to welcome the successful holding of the 19th national congress, but also to enrich the understanding and understanding of the party employees.  On the afternoon of October 19, the provincial party Committe

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      In order to effectively implement the fire safety work, improve the company's staff awareness of fire safety, on October 17, Guangdong yingchao technology held a fire safety knowledge lecture.In the course of the lec

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      In the national day, mid - autumn festival, the company to thank all employees for their hard work, organize all staff healthy ecological tour, happy farmyard.When colleagues into the ancient village, as if into the hist

YingChao Technology
Supply chain service provider of industrial production enterprise
Guangdong yingchao technology co., ltd was established in 2011, has been committed to the development and production of packaging materials, has advanced production equipment and technology abroad, from raw materials to finished products one-stop service, effectively reduce the cost of production enterprises. Guangdong yingchao technology co., ltd has been aiming at the scale of internationalization and the benefit of internationalization. starting from the first production line, the company has introduced international first-class production technology, adopted the world's most advanced production equipment and high intelligent control system, and provided solid guarantee for high-quality and stable production.
In 2015, under the research and deployment of the company's leading group, the company successfully implemented the strategic transformation, entered the industrial production enterprise supply chain distribution field, successfully provided labor services and auxiliary materials supply for jingdong logistics, Guangdong malt and other well-known enterprises. In 2015 through the iso 9001 certification system, 2016 won the Guangdong province to honor the contract and trustworthy units.
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